Daniel Deng

Daniel Deng


Daniel Deng

Daniel Deng

Dr Daniel Deng - Director of Acupuncture & Herbs Daniel Deng & Associates

M. Acup. B.TCM. PHD. Acup.


  • PHD --- Acupuncture (FuJian University of TCM ) - 2016

  • Master of Medicine --- Acupuncture & Massage (FuJian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine) 2009

  • Bachelor degree of Medicine —- Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine (GuangZhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine) 1987

Let people who Receive Acupuncture, Appreciate Acupuncture. Let people who Practice Acupuncture, Enjoy Acupuncture. Let people who Learn Acupuncture, Love Acupuncture.

Daniel Deng is from a Traditional Chinese Medicine family, where his father and grandfather were both Chinese Medicine practitioners. He heard and saw lots of stories about helping people with Chinese Medicine as he was growing up, so from a young age, he thought to himself that he would also help people. So he decided to be a doctor when he was just in high school.

He was enrolled and studied Chinese Medicine in Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1982, and was employed as an assistant lecturer in Acupuncture department of the same university when he graduated in 1987, due to his high grades. Through the years, he has learned and studied different skills and techniques from all the professors and experts to help develop his own specialty.

Daniel Deng has been practicing Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in both China and Australia for nearly 30 years. Daniel lectures at UWS, SITCM and conducts regular master classes, seminars and workshops throughout Australia.

Daniel with his 30 years of rich acupuncture teaching and clinical experience, interest in NeiJing, NanJing classical theories, constantly innovates in theory and technology,  returning to basics with the uniqueness of real meaning acupoints, the balance system of yin and yang of the human body and more than 35 years practice of Qi Gong and Dao philosophy all contribute to his innovative, clinically effective method, return to the balance,  developing his own style – Deng Style Acupuncture & Pulse. Including the “Yin and Yang Pulse Balance Needle Method”,, “Opening, Closing and  Pivot Balance Needle Method” ,“Points Array System Balance Needle Method” , “Ten Body  Unlocking Balance Needle Method”  and “ShenQue Three Axes Balance Needle Method”.

Daniel strives to ensure all participants of his classes and workshops continue to advance their skills to gain the best possible clinical results.

Daniel was awarded ‘Best Paper on Clinical Practice’ at the AACMA Sydney 2008 Conference and was an invited speaker at the WFAS 2004 6th and 2014 8th World conference on Acupuncture.

Currently, Daniel is the Vice President of New South Wales Association of Chinese Medicine and the Chair of the Academic Committee. He is also the director of the transmission working committee of the World Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Association and the international communication working committee of the World Federation of Acupuncture Association.


  • Member of Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association LTD (AACMA)

  • Member of Federation of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Societies of Australia Inc (FCMA)


  • Vice principal and Academic Director of NSW Association of Chinese Medicine Australia

email: tcmdeng@yahoo.com.au


邓汉文(Daniel Deng)教授,博士


邓汉文以其三十多年丰富的针灸教学和临床经验,在理论上和技术上不断创新,返朴归真,以内,难经,十二经脉,奇经八脉为理论基础,以穴位的独特和真实含义为枢纽,以人体阴阳整体平衡为出发点,创立了一套独特的邓氏经络系统针脉平衡法,凭脉用针,以针调脉,以平为期。包括“阴阳脉法” 针法,“开阖枢” 针法,“穴阵”针法,“十把锁开锁法”针法,以及“神阙三轴” 针法等。


Tanya McMahon

Tanya McMahon


Tanya mcmahon


Advanced Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Tanya McMahon is a Registered Acupuncturist and Herbal Medicine Practitioner. Tanya has an Advanced Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a member of AACMA and is AHPRA registered.

Tanya is a devoted and passionate TCM practitioner who has refined her skills over the last 10 years of practise of acupuncture and herbs. In 1999 Tanya was the Editor of a nationally circulated monthly health magazine. For the last 7 years Tanya has been dividing her time between the Red Orchid Wellness clinic at Nowra and Daniel Deng and Associates at Cronulla.

Tanya incorporates two styles of advanced acupuncture in her practise. The Deng Style Balance Method for Acupuncture, is a unique microsystem pulse based methodthat redistributes the qi when needling certain points in upper/lower, back/front, internal/external body as determined by the pulse diagnosis. The pulse is continually checked to assess the effectiveness of the treatment. This method also looks at body evidence to track pathologies along the channels. The different parts of this method allow a good understanding of what is happening in the body from a Chinese Medicine perspective, with a very effective treatment protocol to bring change in the health of the patient.The Tan Wu Bian Balance Method style which has evolved for Tanya over the last 8 years also works on the premise that a minimal number of distal points can be used along associated channels (away from the pain) to avoid aggravating the local problem. Particularly in acute pain conditions, but also in any presenting pathology, the number of treatments required to bring the body back into harmony can be reduced using the Balance Method. Where required Tanya uses patent herbal medicines or dispenses individual granule formulas to support the acupuncture treatment. Nutritional advice and exercises or points to self massage may be given according to the nature of the condition.

Tanya has an Advanced Diploma of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and graduated with the Sun Ten special award for Study Excellence. Tanya also has a Diploma in Bodywork Therapy, Aromatherapy, Advanced Massage and Sports Injuries. Tanya is interested in the areas of digestive disorders, stress and emotional imbalances, musculo-skeletal injuries and women’s health.



Vincent Deng

Vincent Deng

Vincent Deng

Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine (UTS)

Vincent graduated from UTS in 2016 with a Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is currently studying a Masters of Chinese Medicine at Western Sydney University.

He is APHRA registered and is currently a member of ATMS.


Lisa Lam

Lisa Lam

Lisa Lam